Cold Weather Picks

The change of seasons and cooler weather has us all reaching for cozy layers and soft flannels. If the cold weather section in the back of your closet is looking a little sad, here are some recommendations.

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      Slate blue / charcoal Black Dark khaki Natural / sand Peppercorn / charcoal Rust
      Mountain Fleece Pullover - Women's$190.00
      Black Dark khaki / black Forest / pond blue Forest Slate blue / blue Pond blue
      Mountain Fleece Pullover - Men's$190.00
      Black Khaki Forest / pond blue Goblin blue / sand multi
      Subalpine Fleece - Men's$275.00
      Black / black Peppercorn Natural / khaki Slate blue / light mint
      Sherpa Jacket - Women's$250.00
      Dark denim Black Dark khaki Olive Pond blue
      Dirt Jacket - Men's$195.00
      Dark denim Peppercorn Black Olive Brick Pond blue Sand
      Dirt Jacket - Women's$97.50 – $195.00
      Black Dark khaki Charcoal Navy Forest Olive
      Daypack Tech$164.99
      Dark denim Peppercorn Black Olive Sand Brick Sage Pond blue
      Dirt Pants - Women's$155.00 $77.50
      Coral / peppercorn Khaki / black Bone white / olive Khaki / forest / clay Sage / pond blue Navy Olive Black Charcoal / black Mineral blue
      Daypack Classic$129.99
      Clay / khaki Black / bone white Sage Black Botanic green / clay Mustard Sage / pond blue Coral / peppercorn Olive / black Cocoa Forest
      Rover Pack Mini$90.00
      Earth Dark denim Dark khaki Black Olive Charcoal Brick Pond blue Sand
      Dirt Pants - Men's$155.00 $77.50
      Clay / black Black Khaki Khaki / pond blue Bone white / blue Olive / burgundy Black / grape Khaki / grape
      Mountain Accessory Shoulder Bag$60.00 $36.00
      Sage / pond blue Sage Black Coral / peppercorn Forest / khaki Printed sand multi Bone white / coral Forest / cocoa Peppercorn / cocoa Bone white / olive Charcoal Olive / navy Navy Olive Khaki / black Navy / red Blue / khaki Hemp / botanic green
      Rover Pack Classic$129.99
      Burgundy / dark khaki Hemp / bone brown Black Bone white / olive Clay / black
      Mountain Pack 28L$270.00 $135.00
      Botanic green / grape Burgundy / dark khaki Bone white / olive Pond blue / olive Black Hemp / bone brown Red / turquoise
      Mountain Pack 16L$175.00 $87.50
      Bone white Tile blue / pond blue Zinfandel / botanic green Black Bone white / coral Hemp / botanic green Black / grape Cocoa
      Mini Shoulder Bag$27.60 – $46.00
      Khaki / pond blue Burgundy / dark khaki Bone white / olive Black Bone white / blue
      Mountain Gear Bag$200.00 $129.99
      Burgundy / dark khaki Black Botanic green / grape Olive / pond blue Bone white / blue
      Mountain Duffel$195.00 $139.99
      Sage / pond blue Tile blue / pond blue Black Forest / khaki Forest Coral / peppercorn Clay Black / bone white Hemp / bone brown
      Mini Quick Pack$68.00
      Dark denim Peppercorn Sand Black Brick Pond blue
      Dirt Coverall - Women's$125.00 – $250.00
      Black Navy Olive Charcoal Clay
      Tech Case$85.00
      Pond blue Black Forest
      Mountain Parka - Men's$330.00 $198.00
      Mustard / clay Black / white Bone white / blue Green / black
      Camera Strap$37.00
      Forest Black Dark khaki Charcoal Navy
      Rover Pack - Tech$174.99
      Desert palm / pond blue Olive Charcoal Navy Black Clay
      Global Travel Bag Roller$460.00
      Desert palm / pond blue Navy Black Olive Charcoal Clay
      Global Travel Bag 40L$310.00
      Khaki / forest Clay - recycled Charcoal - recycled Desert palm / pond blue Navy - recycled Olive - recycled Black / black Coral / peppercorn Sage / pond blue
      Accessory Bags$18.99 – $24.99
      Olive / black Black / grape Forest / clay Black
      Cooler Bag$45.00 – $70.00
      Black Pond blue Clay Bone white Mustard Sage
      Taco Bag$24.99
      Burgundy / dark khaki Pond blue / olive Hemp / bone brown Bone white / blue Botanic green / grape Black Red / turquoise Olive / mineral blue Clay / black
      Mountain Accessory Bag$15.00 – $25.00
      Olive Black Navy Clay
      Laptop Sleeve$45.99
      Forest Black Pond blue
      Mountain Puffer Vest - Men's$250.00 $169.99
      Red Mustard Black Olive Turquoise
      Key Clip$16.00
      Black Olive Dark khaki
      Sherpa Jacket - Men's$230.00
      Black Olive
      Tech Socks$38.00
      Light mint Black Natural Pond blue Clay Olive
      Mountain Socks$32.00