It's no secret our Work Pants are a staple item men have come to rely on, so we figured it was about time we shared the love. With a high-rise waist and straight fit through the leg, the Women's Work Pants are built tough, like our tried-and-true men's version, but with a new flattering silhouette. American-made 12 oz duck canvas provides structure and durability that only gets softer as you wear them, and eventually forms to fit your unique shape. The ladies here at Topo have been rocking them everywhere during workdays and weekends, while integrating them seamlessly with their own varied personal style.

"The Work Pants have been a Topo staple, a 12 oz canvas, double front with all the proven details built for work. It only made sense to offer this same style to women. The fit is high-waisted and slimmer, but otherwise it's the same pant, and that's really exciting in a land of spandex denim for women. I have washed my pants 5 times and have worn them pretty regularly for a few months, and I feel like they have molded to my body! I've owned a lot of leather boots and these feel that way, you commit to breaking them in, and once you get there the fit is perfect." - Erica, Design

"There's something so special about having a piece of clothing that makes you feel like yourself. As a climber, I feel lucky to be surrounded by so many strong women. One of my favorite things to see at the crag or gym is their ability to be as powerful as the boys, but also exude this unique graceful femininity. When I slip into the Work Pants, I feel like I can carry over that feeling into different parts of my life. The higher rise has that 'just-right-tight' fit that feels more stylish, while the duck canvas material gets at the ruggedness I crave in life. Paired with a tank, a cute bra (I have a weakness for comfy bralettes), and my Converse—I revel in feeling comfortable, delicate and strong all at once." - Kate, Accounting

"I used to look at others in the Work Pants and think I couldn't pull that off. Then I remembered the best piece of advice I received in the realm of trends: 'Just wear it.' So, I snagged a pair and that's exactly what I did! They're hip, yet extremely durable. Trendy, yet functional for all seasons. I could rock them with a pair of Chucks, or while doing yard work. Their versatility is endless." - Brittney, Production

"I've been searching for these pants all my life! The goal when designing these was to give women an equal work pant that didn't forego femininity. This informed our decision to keep them classic, heavy-duty and simple: Just for work. I love that over time, these pants will break in and form to your body. There's such an amazing sense of pride in working for your apparel. They are perfect for day hikes, camping, concerts, and everything in between. I like to wear mine with converse or PF flyers, and occasionally I'll wear a nice simple tank top if I want to dress them up a bit. I love these pants so much." - Khristian, Apparel Design

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